3 Common Reasons for Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Why do my HIPS HURT?

MOST common reasons:

1. Changing base of support (BOS)
As your body changes, the stresses placed on your pelvis and hips also change. Your base of support is the area that forms base under the trunk, connecting you to the ground (usually it’s your feet!). As the size of your body changes, its position over your base of support changes, and that alters the forces that go through the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your hips and pelvis. This can cause irritation and inflammation of the tendons or tightening of the muscles resulting in strain and pain.

2. Inadequate hip or core strength
If you do not have adequate hip/core strength to adapt to your changing belly and BOS, you will end up with more “wobble” in your pelvis, especially with walking or running. That excess wobble causes excess friction between your tendons, IT band, and a structure called your trochanteric bursa. Excess friction on the bursa over time will cause inflammation called #bursitis. If you feel sharp, hot, or pinpointed pain right over the bony part of your outer hip, it’s very likely you have bursitis. You will be most symptomatic with lying on your side, walking, standing on one leg, or putting any pressure over the bursa.

3.  Nerve pain
Hip pain may be referred pain from the lumbar spine or nerve roots! The relaxin in your system along with the changing posture and forces through your spine may create nerve irritation in the lumbar nerve roots as they leave the spine. Pain from these nerves may be felt anywhere from the low back to the feet, including the hips, buttocks and thighs.

For tips on addressing these 3 common sources of pain, stay tuned!
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