What Should You Do For Prenatal Back Pain?

  • Do stretches?
  • See a chiropractor?
  • Get a massage?
  • Take Tylenol?
  • Use a hot pack? Cold pack?
  • Belly brace?
  • “Wait ’til baby comes out”?

The reality is that what actually WORKS is going to depend on WHY your back hurts.  And guess what? It doesn’t just hurt “because you’re pregnant”!

It might hurt because relaxin is loosening your pelvic joints, making them unstable and sore.

It might hurt because your back muscles are compensating for abdominals that are all stretched out.

It might hurt because your postural habits are increasingly aggravating, your sciatic nerve is irritated, or your sacroiliac joint is jammed.

It might hurt because you didn’t have great core strength before pregnancy and your body can’t keep up with the increasing biomechanical load.

It might hurt because your exercise habits are inappropriate – you’re over-exercising or not exercising enough.

It might hurt because you’re stressed and constipated.

There are a million reasons pregnant backs hurt. Some of those reasons respond well to chiropractic, massage, or rest. But often relief is temporary and you have to keep going back frequently to stay feeling “okay”.

Unfortunately, not many pregnant women are told prenatal physical therapy is a fantastic option for back pain. (and a fantastic complement to chiropractic)

-We help you identify daily movement patterns that are hurting you and modify them.

-We prescribe specific stretches that target YOUR problem areas (not just a generic stretch routine which could actually make you worse if it’s not a good fit).

-We teach you how to use your core and abs effectively in ALL stages of pregnancy to stabilize your spine and pelvis so you can move without pain. (and prescribe specific strength exercises for YOU.)

-We do massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization, k-taping, and other pain relief modalities to provide that relief WHILE we are helping you develop that strength, mobility and resilience you need to feel good ALL PREGNANCY LONG!

Physical therapy is the first line recommendation by physicians for back pain, and yet PREGNANT women are rarely informed of the option.

Don’t suffer, and don’t give up the activities you love.  Book with us now!