Running After Babies! Video Interview with Dr. Kim Seymour

Running is one of the most common and most convenient methods of exercise for moms – it requires no equipment (other than your jogging stroller), there is no transportation time, and no childcare is required!

But are you REALLY ready to run after your 6 week check up? What does the current research say about return to running? Is there a scientific protocol or standardized tests you can take to ensure running won’t cause you problems down the road, especially for your bladder, core (diastasis recti) or pelvic floor?

Our newest team member Dr. Kim Seymour is not only a pelvic floor PT specializing in prenatal/postpartum, but a certified running coach and active member of the American Physical Therapy Association Special Interest Group for Pregnancy & Postpartum.

In this video Dr. Sheri interviews Dr. Kim on postpartum running, including:

  • what does research evidence say about return to running postpartum?
  • what do YOU need to consider before you take that first jog?
  • how do you know you’re ready to run?
  • what are the best exercises to PREPARE your body to run?

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Here’s to many leak-free, pain-free miles on your shoes and your stroller!