Posptartum Nutrition, Fitness & Hormones!

Interview with Nutritionist & Fitness Coach Nicci D’Amico Howard

by Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT

One of the most distressing things for new moms trying to get back in shape can be feeling like their weight loss strategies are not working, they’re trying all the diets that have worked for them in the past, but they can’t seem to fill their cravings or get the energy they need and they’re still not losing weight. Postpartum hormones can play a huge role in how your body processes your food, and what food you need to support postpartum healing, lactation, and returning to your exercise program without overtaxing your system.

The same situation can occur at other times in life, including before, during and after menopause! (the “perimenopausal” period)

Listen to this awesome interview with Nicci D’Amico Howard, postpartum nutrition and fitness coach, to gain some insight on why postpartum nutrition needs to be different from other times in life, and how you can maximize your food to support your changing lifestyle, nutrition and energy needs.

We discussed questions including:

  • How do postpartum hormones impact weight loss/gain?
  • How does diet impact postpartum hormones?
  • How do you know if you’re under-eating or over-exercising (and actually INHIBITING weightloss)?
  • What are the recommendations for calorie intake for weightloss postpartum while lactating, and is cutting calories even safe postpartum?
  • What are the pros/cons of a vegan/vegetarian diet postpartum?
  • The #1 mistake new moms make when trying to lose weight?

Watch the Interview here!

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