Online Postpartum Rehabilitation in Your Home, at Your Pace!

  • Restore fundamental posture and breathing breathing patterns for a strong core
  • Avoid and address issues like diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse
  • Learn what NOT to do to “get your body back” after pregnancy
  • SAFELY start “working your core” immediately after birth
  • Get back to running, barre, pilates, crossfit etc. safely
  • Prepare your body for the demands of motherhood
  • Prevent back, neck and shoulder pain
  • Be a healthy, fit, educated mom
  • Feel great in your body again!

Program Overview:

Mom Body Rehab 

This program provides a 6-week progression that you can complete at your own pace, leading you through your postpartum recovery.

  • 6 Modules with more than 25 lessons full of in-depth education, coaching, practical step-by-step instructions and encouragement
  • Video demonstrations/tutorials to guide you through the correct exercise techniques and body mechanics
  • Bonus downloads and exercise cheat sheets
  • Weekly email updates with program tips and encouragement

VIP Package – Mom Body Rehab

This premium program provides 1-on-1 personalized guidance and interaction throughout the 6 week program to ensure you maximize your progress to your best postpartum health!  The VIP Package includes all of the above plus:

  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions (up to 6) via Skype, Facetime, or Google Duo to ensure that you are staying on track, doing the exercises correctly, having fun, making progress toward your goals, and that you have any questions or concerns addressed.  (Weekly sessions are up to 50 minutes in length)
  • Extra Bonuses!

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Mom Body Rehab: $197
Mom Body Rehab VIP Package: $997

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What Others Are Saying:

“I really appreciated the time and attention spent to demonstrate proper form and common mistakes during the exercises. The written descriptions were very clear. I felt like the course was designed especially for my needs and it has helped greatly!  I love the additional exercises and recipes provided in the weekly emails. Thanks for a great course!”

“I didn’t realize the extent to which childbirth would affect my ENTIRE body and that focusing on REHABBING back to strength made way more sense and would prove to be 100% more effective! Sheri DeSchaaf and SHEFit Physical Therapy educated me on what muscles I needed to focus on, how to build them up, and why it would benefit me. After my 4 week session with her, my body felt stronger and WAY more in sync! Even if you are already 1-2 years postpartum this program can benefit you, especially if you have not done any core specific rehabilitation. And if you are less than 1 year postpartum this is definitely for you!”

“Dr. Sheri is an expert at getting you back to health after baby.”

You Need This Program If:

• You want to be an educated, healthy, and strong mom!
• You are less than 6 weeks postpartum and want to get strong & fit NOW!
• You are 6 weeks or more postpartum and want to return to exercise or sports
• You are pregnant and want to know what is safe to do immediately after birth
• You are having difficulty returning to exercise because of pain, leakage, pelvic heaviness or instability
• You are a mom of any age and never rebuilt your core through focused rehabilitation

Program Distinctives:

• 6 Modules (designed to be done over 6 weeks, but can be completed at your own pace) with weekly instruction and video workouts that increase in duration and intensity as you get stronger
• Exercise guidance that is safe within days after vaginal birth OR C-Section
• Detailed explanation and demonstration of all exercises with REAL mom models
• Fitness program designed by a doctor of physical therapy specializing in postpartum care
• Education on injury prevention and related health topics for moms
• Go at your own pace – if you can’t progress with the group or need to go back and review, access resources online for up to 6 months after you sign up
• Accountability to your weekly goals – because let’s face it, we can all find a million things to do besides exercise!
• Important postpartum education on pelvic floor health, bladder, bowel, and sexual health
• Weekly emails with encouragement, bonus exercises, and fitness tips

What Is Required Of You:

Commit to doing what you say you’ll do. DO the exercises 5 days/week. You cannot get stronger if you don’t put in the work, and you won’t be ready to progress if you haven’t done the exercises.

Be honest with yourself. Self-check regularly and don’t progress until you’re ready. If you are stuck at a certain phase, have pain, leakage, or prolapse, address that before moving on.

Don’t cheat. If you are doing things in the “avoid” category (i.e. running 6 miles, doing crunches or bicycles, lifting heavy weights, or even just sitting with horrible posture for 4 hours a day,) you are not only working against yourself, you may be hurting yourself.

Don’t demonize your belly. This program is not a get-skinny-quick gimmick. It is designed to help you restore your body for strength, energy and longevity. For 9 months that belly grew and stretched to shelter and nourish your child, and it will usually take at least 9 months to restore it.

Communicate with me if you have any questions or concerns. I want you to succeed!! My goal is for this program to be the best postpartum home exercise guide possible for you and other moms. Help me make it even better by giving me your honest feedback and suggestions!


What can I expect each week?
Each week you will receive a 30-45 minute video with the entire weekly exercise routine, postural training, body mechanics training, breathing training, and foundational core activation exercises. Videos include explanation and demonstration by Dr. DeSchaaf, DPT, and real-mom-models, as well as PDFs with detailed instructions for the exercises. The first 2 weeks are naturally less intense for the newly postpartum, newly exercising body. The exercises will build and progress each week, so it is vital that you diligently perform the basic exercises before progressing to harder ones. Each week you will receive an email with encouragement, educational modules (video or PDF) about postpartum and women’s health topics, and bonus exercises to try. You should also expect the exercises to FEEL easier each week; you should be able to do more repetitions with better form and technique as your body becomes stronger and more mobile. You should not expect to develop a 6-pack, nor should you expect to have any increase in pain or other symptoms.

What results should I expect by the end of the program?
Every woman’s body will heal differently during the postpartum period, for many reasons including hormones, specific birth story, breastfeeding choices, and lifestyle. Regardless of visible changes, by the end of the program you should have a solid understanding of how to activate your core during daily activities and exercise, and see improvement in abdominal separation, pain, and instability. You should be confident in self-assessing your own posture and technique during exercise, and you should be able to tell when you are ready to progress to harder exercises safely, both within the program and when you venture back into independent exercise. You should have a plan for a safe return to your desired sport, be it running, Crossfit, Pilates, soccer etc.

What if I just had my baby?
This program is generally safe to begin within days following childbirth, barring unusual complications. If you have any questions about whether the program is appropriate for you, consult your physician and contact Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT at

I have Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation).  Is this course appropriate for me?
Yes! this program is designed to help prevent and heal DRA.

I have urine leakage. Is this program good for me?
Yes! This program is designed by a pelvic physiotherapist and expert in urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction. If you leak urine and more than 4 weeks postpartum, you should see a pelvic physical therapist for full assessment; but this program is a good place to start!

How long does the course last? 
The program is designed to be completed in 6 weeks, starting in the first 1-2 weeks after childbirth. If you are following the plan with the recommended frequency, you should be ready to progress to the next step on time, completing the program by 6-8 weeks. However, mom life is unpredictable, and women’s bodies heal differently after giving birth, so if you need to progress more slowly please do so. You have access to the course for 6 months, which is plenty of time to work through all 6 levels – in fact you’ll probably have the exercises memorized by then!

What if I’ve been unable to comfortably exercise thus far?
This course is for you! This program is designed to rehabilitate even the most fragile postpartum body, giving you a solid foundation to prepare you for more aggressive exercise. We recommend seeing a pelvic PT and consulting your physician if you are following the program and have persistent pain.

What if my doctor has told me not to do “XYZ”?
This program is designed by a physical therapist specializing in postpartum care, and is generally safe to begin within days of giving birth. If there are specific exercises your doctor does not want you to do, be sure you ask and understand why those particular exercises are not good for your condition. If you have any increase in bleeding or pain, let your doctor know immediately and pause your exercises until you get clearance from your physician. You should consult your doctor before beginning any fitness regimen.

I’ve tried other methods already.  What is unique about this one?
This program is designed by a doctor of physical therapy specializing in women’s health and postpartum rehabilitation. It is designed to reconnect you with your deep core and fundamental movement patterns, enabling you to function better and return to your desired activities, as well as educate you to prevent future complications. If you have tried online programs with poor results, an in-person consultation with a pelvic physical therapist for further diagnosis and individual treatment is recommended.

It has been a year or more since my baby was born and I haven’t lost the baby weight or been able to exercise with any regularity. Will I be able to participate in this course?
YES!! This program is designed with moms like YOU in mind. This program is appropriate for anyone who wants to exercise after a baby – especially if you have concerns about what is safe, or you aren’t getting the results you want with your current routine. But you need to be honest with yourself – your effort and commitment to exercising regularly will have a great impact on the degree of your success. I can give you the education, encouragement, and equipment to meet your goals, but you must be prepared to walk down the path and commit to following through.

Is there any equipment required for the course?
All you’ll need is:
-Email and internet access
-Enough floor space to lay down with your arms and legs outstretched
-A positive, persistent attitude!
We know that not all mothers have a gym membership or a home gym. Dr. DeSchaaf, DPT has done her best to use exercises that do not require any equipment that you couldn’t find around your home.

Is there a diet plan included?
As a physical therapist and pelvic specialist, Dr. DeSchaaf is an expert in postpartum exercise, muscle, bone and joint health, pelvic pain, bladder function and diastasis recti rehabilitation. While the program may give general nutrition and diet advice to promote postpartum tissue healing and energy, Dr. DeSchaaf is not a dietician, and this is not a diet and weight loss program. For specific meal plans or diet recommendations we recommend consulting a qualified dietician or postpartum nutrition specialist.

What is the refund policy?
We want you to be 100% satisfied with the program, and succeed in rebuilding your postpartum body. Our goal is for every woman who completes this program to finish with a stronger, more stable body that is able to handle all the demands of motherhood with energy and grace, and for you to have the knowledge and wisdom to continue your journey toward better health and fitness without injury. If you are dissatisfied with the program, please let us know in what way it did not deliver what was promised (within 14 days of purchase date), and a full refund will be issued.

I have no pain or bladder problems and I feel great – in fact I already started back to the gym. Do I still need this program?
Many women in their second pregnancy or long after pregnancy start to notice DRA, or after their second pregnancy have a much harder time getting their body back – either in terms of pain and instability or an exaggerated belly bulge that persists months or years longer than after their first baby. Many of these women went right back to their normal routine after baby number one, not realizing they needed to properly rehabilitate their core first. The information in this program is stuff that EVERY woman needs to know. It will help you fix problems, as well as prevent problems that may arise down the road, even into your golden years.

Will this course get my bikini body back by summer?
This is not a get-skinny-quick gimmick. As a physical therapist Dr. DeSchaaf is most concerned about the health, strength, and longevity of your body – not how quickly you shed the baby weight (by the way, some of that baby weight is necessary to feed and nourish your newborn!). Programs that promise to get your pre-baby-body back in weeks usually incorporate exercises that are not truly safe or beneficial for postpartum women who have not properly retrained the core muscles. We cannot promise you will look like a bikini model in 6 weeks. But if you follow the program you WILL feel stronger, more energetic, more toned, and you will have a strong core foundation that is ABLE to handle that beach-body-boot camp without injury  when the time comes.

Why should I participate in this program instead of hiring a personal trainer or doing Pilates or Crossfit every week?
There are a lot of excellent trainers out there, and individual training with a postpartum physical therapist is the optimal way to recover. However, there are many trainers who do not fully understand postpartum healing, and may be prone to push women a little too hard, a little too fast. Postpartum rehabilitation and fitness training requires a high level of education on the repercussions of pregnancy and childbirth, along with careful, patient progression, and attention to detail and technique. It is hard to find a personal trainer who is well educated on postpartum healing, diastasis recti, or pelvic floor function, and impossible to get this sort of attention in any group fitness class. In a group setting, pride is prone to kick in and we find ourselves doing things we otherwise would not have done, just to keep up. This is not the safest or best way for a woman to rebuild her body after pregnancy. If you have access to a qualified postpartum physical therapist, we highly recommend investing in at least a few sessions, as their insight can be invaluable.This program was created for women who are unable to engage in personal sessions with a postpartum PT because of time, money, or distance. The intent is to provide a reasonable, affordable alternative to safely return to exercise.

What if I want additional help/coaching?

Dr. DeSchaaf offers remote coaching throughout the year.  The VIP Package provides virtual coaching and a “guided tour” of the Mom Body Rehab Program with personal mentorship for those desiring maximum results and accountability. For either version, remote coaching is an excellent supplement or follow up to the online program if you want additional feedback on whether you are doing the exercises correctly, or if you have individual questions you would like to discuss. Remote coaching is offered via video chat so that Dr. DeSchaaf can observe your body – how you move, your posture, your mechanics and technique; this allows her to provide better input on correct exercise technique and whether additional treatment may be needed.

*The Mom Body Rehab program is currently available for residents of North America only