We Understand You, and We are Here for You.

SHEFit Physical Therapy specializes in women’s health, pelvic, and orthopedic physical therapy services, with a focus on the prenatal and postpartum period. We are San Diego’s premiere physical therapy clinic addressing the physical concerns of mothers – whether you are pregnant with your first baby or 15 years postpartum from your last!

SHEFit PT is your top local resource for pregnancy, overcoming pain, bladder issues, diastasis recti, core weakness, sexual dysfunction, or fitness during/after pregnancy. If you feel great and simply want to be fully prepared and empowered for pregnancy, birth, and recovery, we are your dream team!

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy KNOW pregnancy/postpartum and pelvic health. We also know fitness, strength, and performance! We understand the vast variety of concerns of both birthing and aging women, and we can help! If you are many years beyond birthing, or nowhere near considering it, but are experiencing common pelvic floor concerns such as pelvic organ prolapseurinary leakage, painful intercourse, pelvic/low back pain, or core dysfunction, we can help you too.

At SHEFit PT we believe in a personal, individualized approach using natural, evidence-based techniques to address pain and function. We believe in taking TIME with our clients to listen and make sure all your goals and concerns are part of the plan of care. SHEFit PT exists to provide an alternative to the traditional insurance-driven model for physical therapy, and to offer our clients our undivided attention – a higher level of care that just isn’t possible in most clinics today.  As pelvic floor specialists, we deal with some very sensitive issues – problems surrounding pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, bladder and sexual function – we understand that these concerns can generate a lot of emotion and can sometimes be a little embarrassing to discuss. We want to create a safe space for you to be heard and heal. If you have felt brushed-off, abandoned, or like just another number at other facilities, you are in the right place to take the next step forward.

At SHEFit, we strive to provide a safe, comfortable environment where women can discuss their concerns and we can work together through natural methods to resolve them.  We love what we do because we empower women to conquer health issues that they have often been told are hopeless – or that surgery is their only option. If this is you, we encourage you not to lose hope! If you are suffering from bladder dysfunction, pelvic pain, prenatal or postpartum complications, or any of the other conditions listed on our site, please contact us! It would be our great pleasure to help you recover, thrive, and win your life back!

SHEFitPT was founded by local San Diego mom, Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf, DPT. Her goal is to serve the mothers of SD at the highest possible level, enabling clients to achieve whatever their health and fitness goals might be. You can read about Dr. Sheri, our other providers and their training below.

*SHEFit Physical Therapy proudly serves San Diego County through our offices in Pacific Beach and Mission Valley. We accept all major credit cards, HSA/FSA cards, and Tricare Insurance. Please see our Pricing page for detailed pricing information.

Sheri DeSchaaf, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Chapman University
Bachelor of Arts, Communications, UCLA

Dr. Sheri DeSchaaf completed her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Chapman University in 2011. After working several years in outpatient orthopedics, she pursued specialization in pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health physical therapy. Her compassion for the unspoken physical trials of new mothers has fostered the desire to offer natural, conservative treatment options for issues that uniquely impact women.

Dr. Sheri founded SHEFit because she believes that quality care requires personalized, one-on-one attention. She is dedicated to hearing your story and creating a treatment plan based on your unique situation, goals, and priorities.

Dr. Sheri is pursuing her Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certification through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, and periodically lectures for fitness professionals, healthcare professionals, birth centers, and the public throughout San Diego County.

When not treating patients, Sheri enjoys running, Pilates, weightlifting, hiking, beach-cruising on the boardwalk, cooking, travelling, and watching her husband Jay play beach volleyball.

Jessica Chavarria, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, University of St. Augustine
Bachelor of Science, University of Florida

Dr. Jessica Chavarria completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, CA. She has been working as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist since 2016 and joined SHEFit PT in 2019. Jessica has experience treating pregnant and postpartum women, fitness athletes, incontinence and other bowel and bladder dysfunctions, diastasis recti, pelvic pain, POP, and post-operative procedures including hysterectomy, mastectomy, reconstructive surgeries, and many more.

As a mom herself, Jessica has a passion for empowering women throughout their pregnancy and returning to the things they love postpartum. Jessica loves to laugh, enjoys a good cup of coffee, long walks with her dog, yoga, and all things Peloton. Jessica is pursuing her Yoga Teach Training Certification.

Ellen Meisner, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences
Bachelor of Science, University of Wisconsin Madison

Dr. Ellen acheived her Doctor of Physical Therapy from the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences in 2020. She began her specialization in pelvic floor heath early as an intern at the Mayo Clinic Rochester and Gunderson Lacrosse Hospital in Wisconsin. She has spent the past 2 years working with pelvic health patients in Laguna Hills, where she specialized in pelvic floor, gastrointestinal, pre/postnatal, and chronic pain concerns, as well as orthopedic conditions. She has completed extensive postdoctoral training through the Herman & Wallace Institute, Pelvic PT Rising, and the Institute of Physical Arts in Functional Manual Therapy.

When not treating patients, Ellen enjoys biking, running, hiking, visiting breweries, and exploring new U.S. National Parks.

Kelsey Kreider, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Thomas Jefferson University
Bachelor of Science, Penn State University

Dr. Kelsey received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree at Thomas Jefferson University in 2020. She found her passion for women’s health and pelvic rehab during a clinical rotation at Empower Physical Therapy in Philadelphia, PA. It wasn’t long before she realized that she had a strong desire to spread awareness about pelvic rehab and to become an educator in women’s health.  Kelsey has spent the past 2 years working in Orange County, specializing in treating complex pelvic pain conditions, GI dysfunction, pre/postnatal and orthopedic conditions. She has completed extensive postdoctoral training through Herman & Wallace, Pelvic PT Rising, and the Institute of Physical Arts in Functional Manual Therapy.

Certified as a Bikram yoga instructor, she enjoys combining the mental and physical benefits of yoga with her PT treatment.  A former Division 1 college gymnast, Dr. Kelsey enjoys hot yoga, road trips and a good cup of coffee.

Paula Leonti, PT, DPT, PRPC

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Mount Saint Mary’s University
Bachelor of Business Administration, Iona College

Dr. Paula Leonti, DPT, PRPC earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s University in 2014. She has practiced in sports rehabilitation, orthopedic physical therapy, and pelvic health rehabilitation. In 2018, Paula became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher through Polestar Pilates training, and in 2019 she earned her Pelvic Rehabilitation Practitioner Certificate through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.  Dr. Paula specializes in urinary, pre/postnatal, bowel, and sexual dysfunction in patients of all ages.  She loves to integrate her Pilates training with myofascial release, biofeedback, and other strategies to facilitate complete, holistic rehabilitation of her clients.

When Paula is not serving clients, you can find her playing beach volleyball or surfing the Southern California beaches.

Emma Clarke – Office Assistant & Child Watch Coordinator

Emma is our all-hands-on-deck! She handles the front desk, phones, clinic email, scheduling, and child watch service. Emma leads an active lifestyle and is passionate about movement and women’s health and wellness. A professional dancer and instructor, she spends her spare time outside of the clinic teaching dance throughout the San Diego area!

You can reach Emma for most clinic questions at info@shefitpt.com, and by phone at 858-247-2660.

Ashley Peterson – Billing Specialist

Ashley Peterson is our Billing Specialist at SHEFit Physical Therapy.

Ashley is a dedicated mother of two who loves baking, reading, taking leisurely walks with Beau, her beloved dog, and playing kickball in her women’s league. With a compassionate heart and firsthand experience as a Tricare beneficiary, she understands the importance of navigating healthcare from both sides, bringing empathy and insight to every situation.

Ashley is here to assist with any billing or Tricare-related questions. Contact her directly at billing@shefitPT.com and by phone at (858) 247-2663.