Physical Therapy Rates

  • Tricare Accepted! Contact us for details. (or click here)
  • Child-watch service is available during select appointment times – inquire when booking.
  • *Payment due at time of service by credit/debit, cash, check, or FSA/HSA card.
  • Medicare Beneficiaries: due to federal regulations outside our control, we are barred from serving Medicare clients even as an out-of-network or cash provider. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Click Here for information about the No Surprises Act. A Good Faith Estimate will be provided to you upon booking.

Insurance FAQs

SHEFit is an out of network provider for most insurance plans. While we do not deal directly with your insurance, many patients can obtain some direct reimbursement from their insurance provider after treatment, and we can provide you with a Superbill for this purpose. If you plan to seek reimbursement, we recommend calling your insurance company and asking for your out of network physical therapy benefits to get an idea of how much they may reimburse you. You will want to ask for your:

  1. Out of network deductible and how much has been met for the year
  2. Co-insurance after the deductible has been met (this is what percentage of the allowable fee your insurer will pay, and what percentage is your responsibility)
  3. Annual visit limit
  4. Any authorization or referral required

TRICARE: SHEFit does currently bill for Tricare clients. Pre-authorization is required for Tricare Prime clients. Contact (858) 247-2660 for details.

Why doesn’t SHEFit bill insurance companies?

At SHEFit we strive to provide the highest quality of care possible to ensure you achieve your goals. We believe this level of care requires individual hands-on attention by your physical therapist from the moment you walk in the door through each exercise, technique, and modality to ensure you get the most out of your treatment. This is especially important for the sensitive women’s health issues we treat at SHEFit.

Over the past 2 decades, insurance companies have reduced payment to physical therapists significantly, while increasing the burden of paperwork and time required to receive payment. For this reason, many therapy clinics have chosen to reduce the cost of doing business by reducing your time with a qualified physical therapist to 20 minutes or less, and using minimally trained aides for exercise supervision and modalities. You may have experienced this at other clinics in the past, where you spent a few minutes with your PT and the rest of your hour with an aide or assistant who may have been managing several other clients at the same time. This is not how we operate at SHEFit, and you will feel the difference!

Because of our commitment to quality individualized care, we have chosen to work directly with and for you, rather than for your insurance company. You will be with your physical therapist for the full treatment, and will never be handed off to an aide or assistant, or left to do exercises by yourself. If you want high quality care that works, you will find it at SHEFit!