Success Stories

I was experiencing extreme hip pain due to pregnancy.  My experience was excellent. Sheri was very professional, personable, and very well educated on the treatment that I needed. At SHEFit you are listened to and are given a personalized treatment plan that’s just right for you. Sheri is very attentive to what’s best for you and truly cares about your wellness and recovery.  I originally went in for headaches and hip pain that were so bad that I couldn’t sleep. And finished my treatment with no headaches and able to sleep without any hip pain. I also learned many valuable stretches. Therapy improved my life greatly because I was able to get a good night’s rest again. I highly recommend SHEFit. They are very professional, caring, and really help you get the most out of your time in physical therapy. They also educate you on what’s going on and give you stretches that you can do on your own at home. They helped me so much!  ~K.D.

My wrist was in tremendous pain anytime I picked up my baby or lifted anything remotely heavy. I was so desperate to find relief and didn’t want to resort to a cortisol shot as a quick fix. I also developed very bad scar tissue after giving birth. The doctor used a vacuum during delivery. Having sex afterwards was extremely painful.  Sheri did a fabulous job diagnosing and treating the tendonitis in my left wrist and severe scar tissue from my vaginal delivery. She listened to my concerns and encouraged me throughout my treatments with her. Sheri is extremely knowledgeable in women’s health which is why I sought her out for PT. Sheri is genuinely concerned with her patient’s well-being and wants to do everything she can to help. She invests a lot of time in her patients. I always looked forward to my physical therapy sessions. Sheri customized a home exercise program for me every stage of the way, which helped the healing process tremendously. After about three sessions with Sheri my wrist started to drastically improve. I could lift my baby without being in excruciating pain. I almost cried for joy. I continued going to her and after 6 sessions the pain was gone. Sheri also worked on my vaginal scar tissue and that too improved and I was able to have sex again without dreading it.  I felt like a new person after working with Sheri. I didn’t get PT until 6 months after giving birth and I wish I had started sooner. I felt so miserable and after Sheri treated me I felt like a new person. I could finally enjoy being a mom instead of focusing on my ailments.  Sheri is a wonderful, knowledgeable physical therapist who listens to your concerns and does everything she can to get your body working properly again. I would highly recommend her to any mama dealing with post pregnancy issues.  She’s an expert in this area and will do everything she can to get you healthy again.  ~M.W.

At various times I was treated by Dr. Sheri for neck/shoulder, rotator cuff, elbow injuries, and a strained hip.  Unwisely, I tend to wait to seek treatment until I am really disabled.  My neck was so painful I had trouble turning my head side to side when I was driving. My rotator cuff (shoulder) caused such sharp pain I couldn’t even raise my hand at one point. My strained hip reduced my 3 mile walks to quarter mile hobbles. I have had excellent experiences at SHEFit.  Dr. Sheri is very thorough and gentle – yet still effective.  I received full hour hands on therapy sessions which made recovery much faster.  I can do the exercises at home but that hands-on pressure really made a difference, as did the mobilization of the hip.  I was pleasantly surprised when suddenly I could bend my hip and knee and do the piriformis stretch again.  My neck pain is completely gone now.  I can sleep at night without a bunch of pillows propping it up.  My hip had been so painful that I couldn’t sleep on my side and had to lay flat on my back without moving to avoid pain, but now I can and sleep on my side or back or however I want without pain waking me up.  Now I can walk 3 miles again, and on my recent vacation I couldn’t believe that I could go up and down hills and not be sore afterward.  I like to walk, exercise and to do my own housework!  What a difference this has made in my life!  ~S.S.

I came to SHEFit because I was dealing with a shoulder injury from sports and weightlifting activities.  Prior to seeking therapy, I had been forced to take extended time away from sports and both plyometric and weight exercise.  I also could not sleep on my right side due to the pain.  Dr. Sheri’s system of therapy was different from some others in that she worked with me for the full extent of my office visit.  Many of the rehabilitation exercises needed to be done in a very precise manner, and she monitored this closely to ensure that my technique was 100% correct in order to rebuild and retrain the various muscle groups.  In most of my prior physical therapy experiences, my appointment time was split between therapist and one or more aides.  The at-home exercises were clear, simple, and appropriate for me to continue to rebuild my shoulder.  More than anything, Dr. Sheri’s approach was well suited to coaching me on ways to manage my condition so as to prevent future injury and minimize damage.  Since my treatment, I’ve enjoyed pain-free activities and returned to full performance.   ~J.D.

I sought therapy at SHEFit for a low back injury and pain. I could not perform my usual activities either at all, or without discomfort and worsening the pain. Dr. Sheri was instructive, listened to symptoms and set up a program of exercises and monitoring. She provided great all-around knowledge on related pains and functional limits, not just limited to original condition for which I was seeking treatment. As a result, I am in significantly less pain and am much more mobile. I can garden and reach for things again, knowing that there are procedures I can utilize if discomfort results. Even those times when I hadn’t been sticking to my exercise routine, there was never irritation – just reassurance and opportunity to clarify, and then moving on.   ~Cecelia T.

I had severe weakness in my right leg and muscle failure. The muscle in my leg would just give up if I tried to step off in a particular direction left or right, and it was very disabling.  I couldn’t play tennis and as a matter of fact, I had to be very careful where I walked because it could sort of spring on me at any moment, so it took a lot more caution and awareness of what I was doing.  As soon as Dr. Sheri determined for sure that it was my back instead of my leg, I did the prescribed exercises and within a week or two the problem was pretty much gone and I’ve had very few instances of any problems since then.  Now I can get back to playing tennis again as well as activities around the yard with very little discomfort or failure in my legs and no back pain….and it’s just a lot better!  Now I can have fun again, I can jog around a little bit, and I’m hoping to get back into playing more tennis again soon!   ~J.S.