Upcoming Pelvic Floor & Core Workshop!

Have a friend who could use some pelvic floor help? I am excited to partner with Cassie Nevitt and Studio Flo Pilates in Bay Ho (San Diego) to present an interactive deep dive into pelvic floor anatomy, function, and effective connection this Thursday February 22 at 5:30pm!

If you’ve done pelvic floor PT with us or completed my online postpartum rehab program, this information should be familiar to you. But it’s the perfect way to share that knowledge with a friend who still leaks, or suffers from vaginal/pelvic pain or prolapse!

We’ll discuss how the pelvic floor works together with the core, common problems that stem from a dysfunctional pelvic floor, and HOW to start connecting with and using your pelvic floor in life and in a fitness setting.

Cassie Nevitt is a certified Pilates instructor specializing in pelvic floor training. After I teach my truckload of PF education, Cassie will walk participants through an interactive session to experience better activation and lengthening of the pelvic floor and transverse abdominis. This workshop will also provide opportunity for Q&A and an introduction to Cassie’s 6 week Pelvic Floor & Core Restore series, which begins in March.

So join us or send a friend:

Thursday February 22, 2024

5:30-7:30 pm, Studio Flo Pilates, 4010 Morena Blvd #224, San Diego, CA 92117

Registration $65 via the Studio Flo booking site: https://www.studioflopilates.com/classes/schedule

(You must log into the booking site, Select “Workshops” and it will show right up!)

As always, you can book your next visit with one of our DPTs at https://SHEFitPT.janeapp.com