Prepare Your Pelvis For Pregnancy

Why? During Pregnancy the strain on your pelvis goes way up! All the weight of your trunk and abdomen rests on top of this bony trio (the sacrum and 2 ilia), and the joints that connect them (SI joints, pubic symphysis).
To multiply that strain, add the effects of the hormone relaxin which enhances the laxity of pelvic ligaments to allow your precious baby to escape through this bony tunnel. Relaxin is hugely important for birth, but it can also be troublesome if you don’t stabilize your pelvis well. Contrary to popular belief, stiffness in the pelvic joints can also cause pain during pregnancy, as well as limit the motion of the pelvic bones as baby tries to descend and exit (more about that when we discuss preparing the pelvis for birth!)
To PREPARE the pelvis for pregnancy, as PT’s we are looking at normalizing both mobility and stability of this bony structure by maximizing your strength to control an increasingly mobile pelvic ring, and minimizing any pain that might come from stiffness or laxity as pregnancy progresses.
So yes, PREPARING your body for pregnancy can make a huge difference in your enjoyment or suffering THROUGHOUT pregnancy!
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